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Under vehicle system

Portable under vehicle inspection scanner for checkpoint

Model: UVIS01
Product name: Portable under vehicle inspection scanner

Packing list:
1.Vehicle Chassis Imaging Equipment,1set
2.Operation Case,1set
3.Software for Vehicle Chassis Safety Inspection System,1set
4.The License Plate Capture Camera,1set
    This under vehicle inspection scanner is mainly detected at the bottom of the vehicle to find out the hidden quickly and accurately in the bottom of contraband and illegal immigration and smuggling personnel, quicker and more accurately than the traditional bottom inspection mirror, greatly improving the vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy, reducing investment in human resources.

    1.Airport, prison house, customs and other government departments ,as well as the large public parking entrance where to check whether the car have Contraband. 
    2.Large events, and the checking of entrance of the exhibition for the safety inspection of vehicles. 
    3. Using for Security inspection, explosion-proof, army vehicles at the bottom. 

    Vehicle Image Scanner, Control Equipment and Environmental Adaptability are as below:

    1.Scan mode: full auto, non external trigger condition scan mode
    2.The maximum of scan rate: 18kHz
    3.The detection speed: 1-60km/h, advise ≤ 30km/h;
    4.Field of view: 170 degrees
    5.Scanner data line: 10 m; (customizable length 
    6.Auxiliary lighting: 160W
    7.Lighting components: two single sealed LED surface light source; life: 50000h
    8.The bottom image scanner: using a unique open wide design of field of vehicle image acquisition technology 
    9.Load capacity:>30T
    10.Waterproof level: IP68 meet all day work
    11.Scanning device weight: 28KG
    12.Scanning device volume :450 x 400 x 88mm
    13.Communication interface: RJ45
    14.Storage temperature;•40°~75°
    15. Operating temperature: -10° ~+60°
    16.Operating power : 110-240V AC,50-60HZ
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