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Anti theft system gate

Acrylic high end security alarm Anti Theft door for supermaket, clothing store,shop

Product name: EAS AM ANTENNA

Model No.: S07
Product size: 1500*390*25mm
Material: Acrylic
Frequency: 58khz
Net weight: 22KG/pcs
Control model: By App
Detection Range: 
for DR soft label: 1.2-1.4M each antenna (0.6-0.7M each side)
for Hard tag:2.2-3M each antenna (1.1-1.5M each side)

Application: for store, supermarket,fashion mall, up-end clothing store, etc.
    1. This system based on acousto-magnetic, DSP, Internet of Things, cloud service technology in one. it is a new network intelligent AM anti-theft system;

    2. Adopt new APP mobile phone debugging mode, graphical interface display, debugging is simple and intuitive;

    3. Support one master + two slave machine installation plan;

    4. Supports MONO, one transmitter-one receiver, and other modes of work, and can be easily adapted to various installation scenarios;

    5. It can be compatible with similar devices, and is not affected by the "scutter mode" or "rogue mode" of similar devices;

    6. The main board used imported components, the performance is stable and the hardware failure is almost zero;

    7. This AM system Using DSP technology and environment adaptive algorithm, the detection distance is wide and the anti-interference is strong;

    8. Support remote device status monitoring, and the device abnormal cloud platform actively reminds;

    9. Support remote device parameter viewing and debugging;

    10. Support remote upgrade function, which can update device programs and algorithms;

    11. Support remote technical assistance.

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